Morning walk

I don’t have a yard. I live in an apartment building so that means, whatever the weather, Margie (my dog), must be taken out to get some fresh air and do her business. And it doesn’t matter if I’m sick, exhausted or cold. The joys of being a pet owner. Last week, snow came again … Continue reading

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Long weekend

In the best possible sense of the adjective. My school has a long winter weekend, which gave us both this past Friday and Monday off. I had all these grandiose plans taht I’d get a good portion of my lesson planning and grading done, as well as write some. Yes, well… I did get some … Continue reading


A Rose

I forgot to mention in my post about Valentine’s Day that one of the students, not my student actually as I only interact with him during study halls and such, was handing out long-stemmed red roses to quite a few of the female teachers and staff on Valentine’s Day. Knowing the student as much as … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I made several decisions. And not only did I make those decisions, I employed several actions to support those decisions. It required a little effort physically, and a lot of effort mentally. Hopefully, the result will be less money spent and more time writing. Because after several years of writing solidly each week, this … Continue reading